Helpful Tips for Your New Hearing Instrument

1. Try to wear the hearing aid daily - especially during your trial. This the best way to find out how to customise the hearing aids for you. Your aids are not just for difficult listening situations. Try to get used to new sounds in familiar settings. If frustrated, leave it and get back to it later.

2. Don't wait on a problem, be it discomfort or frustration. Please give us a call or drop in - we have a full-time appointment who's here to help. That's what we're here for.

3. Remember to brush the hearing aid every morning before wearing it. This will prevent buildup over time.

4. If the hearing aid's not working properly. These are the most common reasons for issues:
     1. Change the battery.
     2. Change the waxguard. 
     3. Get in touch! Most of the time, we can fix or repair the hearing aid in-house, and at no cost to you. 

5. Visual and contextual cues are important for communicating in difficult listening situations. 

6. Give yourself time to discover what the hearing aid can do for you. 

7. Re-learn how to live with the noise around us. New hearing aid users are sometimes unsettled by the range of ambient noises, both indoors and outdoors, which they now hear. In time, however, they become more used to these noises, and they quickly settle into the background. 

8. Hearing aids have lost the stigma of years past. Don't be afraid to wear your hearing aids in public. They are designed to increased your quality of life.