Our Complete Care

   1. Hearing Aid Evaluation

After a hearing loss has been diagnosed, you and your family would meet with Carolyn, our audiologist, to discuss your type of hearing loss and its potential impact on your lifestyle. Together, you would discuss the appropriateness of amplification for your hearing loss, and select a hearing aid style and manufacturer. Careful consideration of patient goals and needs help in this selection process. Common goals include improving verbal communication with family and friends, both at home and in louder social situations, or regaining full enjoyment from watching TV, listening to music, or talking on the phone. Based on your lifestyle, budget, and type of hearing loss, a we would select a specific hearing aid for one or both ears for trial. As part of our No-Risk 90-day Trial, all of our hearing aids are fully returnable for 90 days after purchase.

   2. Hearing Aid Fitting

During your fitting appointment, you and your family learn about the features and care of your hearing aids. 

   3. Continuing Care

A week after your fitting appointment, you would return for adjustment, customization, and further consultation. It is an ideal opportunity to address your questions and concerns about using your hearing aids. A second follow-up appointment usually follows two to three weeks later, at which time we perform an in-booth evaluation of your hearing aids. The results of this detailed evaluation enable us to further fine-tune the programming and response of your hearing aids. Also, we would be pleased to address any questions and concerns. Once you are satisfied with your hearing aids, we encourage you to return every three months for complimentary cleaning and preventative maintenance on your hearing aids. During these appointments, your hearing aids are vacuumed, tubes and domes are replaced, and minor repairs can be performed. Complimentary servicing or adjustment appointments are always available. We stock batteries (available by the card or box) and accessories in our office for every hearing aid we sell. Each year we encourage you to return for a complete reevaluation of your hearing and hearing aid use. Most hearing aids have a two or three year manufacturer's warrantee. All in-house services are complimentary even after this warrantee has expired. In-warrantee repairs are always covered, while out-of-warrantee repairs which we cannot fix in-house are chargeable by the manufacturer. Please note that after five years, manufacturers will no longer repair your hearing aid.