Our Hearing Aids

We carry the full range of hearing aids from all major manufacturers, including all the latest in digital technology. All of our hearing aid packages include:

  • Diagnostic hearing assessment
  • 90-day risk-free trial of hearing aids
  • Complimentary batteries during the hearing aid trial
  • Two complimentary fine-tuning visits within the first month
  • More complimentary fine-tuning visits available upon request
  • Follow-up visits for the life of the hearing aid (recommended every 3 months)
  • Complimentary in-house cleaning, servicing and repairs
  • Service and adjustments for the life of the hearing aid

Below, please find a brief introduction to current hearing aid styles and links to our hearing aid manufacturers' websites for more information.

Custom Fit Styles

For each of these styles, we will take an ear impression, such that your hearing aids are fit precicely to your ears.

CIC – Completely In the Canal
Suitable for Mild to Moderately Severe hearing loss
Advantages: Virtually invisible, some wireless models available
Disadvantages: 3-5 day battery, no directional microphones, unsuitable for patients with dexterity problems

Mini Canal 
Suitable for Mild to Modertely Severe hearing loss
Advantages: Small, discreet, wireless, directional microphones
Disadvantages: Small battery (3-5 day), unsuitable for patients with reduced dexterity

Suitable for Mild to Severe hearing loss
Advantages: More powerful than CIC and Mini Canal, longer battery life (5-7 days), wireless, directional microphones
Disadvantages: not completely invisible, unsuitable for patients with reduced dexterity

Half Shell
Suitable for Moderate to Severe hearing loss
Suitable for patients with smaller ear canals
Similar functionality and battery life to Canal styles

Full Shell
Suitable for Moderate to Severe hearing loss
Advantages: All functionality of above styles, larger battery (10-14 days), better for patients with reduced dexterity
Disadvantages: Less discreet


Open-Fit RIC

These are by far the most popular hearing aid style. These hearing aids sit behind the ear with a wire leading to a receiver placed in the ear canal. As such, they do not require an ear mold, and benefit from improved functionality and customization compared to the Custom Fit models above while still remaining quite discreet, hidden behind the ear. Our patients often remark that they're so comfortable, they forget they're wearing them!

Suitable for Mild to Moderately Severe hearing loss
Best suited for High-frequency Hearing Losses, such as age-related or noise-induced
Advantages: Discreet, most comfortable, longer battery (5-7 days), wireless, directional microphones, rechargeable models available
Disadvantages: Not best suited for Severe hearing loss


Behind the Ear (BTE)

This is a Behind-the-Ear hearing aid with custom ear mold. They combine the technologies of the Custom Fit and Open-Fit styles and are the most powerful hearing aids available. 

Suitable for Severe to Profound hearing loss
Advantages: Largest battery (7-18 days), excellent for patients with reduced dexterity, wireless, directional microphones, rechargeable models available
Disadvantages: Less discreet



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