Can Dramatically Decrease Tinnitus in most users

Do I need a hearing aid?

Things you might not know about current hearing aids!

Bluetooth compatible = hands-free phone in the car, pair it with TV, iPod, Computer, etc. 

What's the cost?
Most aids cost $800 - $1200. Mid = 1500-1800. High = 2500-3000

How long do Batteries last?
5 days to two weeks, depending on the hearing aid. To save the difficultly of changing batteries, some aids are rechargeable. 

What's the warrantee?

We have a 3- year on some models. This is important. Anything we can fix in house we will do so for free. If we have to send the aid away for servicing, we pass on any servicing charges with zero markup. After 5 years, the manufacturer will no longer repair the hearing aids. 

What's the life of my hearing aid?

5 years. Expand. 

I'm to young to wear hearing aids

I only have a problem when I'm out

1 Aid or 2 Aids?
- 1 is just as good as two if you're talking with 1 person or if it's quiet. You need two if you're in a complicated environment or if you're talking in a group. We need two ears to properly take speech and information from sounds.
- 1 ear can make you one-sided
- 2 ears filters background noise more effectively.
- 2 ears allows you to hear the telephone in two ears
- 2 aids constantly share information and dynamically update the other with program changes. 
- 2 ears = free remote 

Can I listen to Music Again?

Today's hearing aids have music programs. Older hearing aids might mistake msuic 
This is fine-tuned to the music you like to listen to (Orchestral, vocal, rock, jazz, etc.) with your hearing aid specialist. 

What about feedback?


How do hearing aids work?

Hearing Aids don't just amplify all sounds equally. They selectively enhance sounds based on their type (speech favoured, minimizing background noise) and direction (so you can talk with your partner at a restaurant rather than the table behind you). 

Different levels of technology adjust at different rates, how seamlessly it can, and how many different classifications of noise it's programmed for. 

A basic hearing aid will just separate speech from noise, whereas better hearing aids can better customise for your needs.